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Soaking in the Countryside with Colby – Personal Work

Today was another beautiful day. Colby and I decided to jump in the car and head south and see what we could find. We went through Saluda and Tryon and somewhere down there we found an abandoned Motel that time had taken its tole on. Another great day in Western NC 🙂

A Weekend Drive

It was such a gorgeous day today, and Maddy and Finn are still in Germany, so I grabbed a camera (Zeiss Ikon, 35 2.0 & 50 1.5), my dog and jumped in the Rover and set out through the countryside for the day. We found lots of cool stuff, got tons of fresh air and had a lovely day.

Western NC on Film

The other day on the way home from a wedding I took the ‘long’ way and went through the countryside. I got to enjoy the weather, great light and a great ride through the mountains of Western NC. I shot one more roll of film on the way home. Here are a few of my favs from the 16 I took.