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Personal Photos – Travel in Southern Utah / Nevada

A couple of weeks ago I met up with my two best friends in Las Vegas and the three of us took of through the desert in search of photos and fun for a week. We had a blast and got tons of good photos too. For space reasons I had to choose between digital and film. Since film has always been my preferred way of shooting, I took two cameras with me: the Contax 645 and the Mamiya RZ ProII. I started years ago with the Mamiya 645 (bought that baby when I was 17) and have progressively grown to nicer cameras. These two are my favorite. The Contax has a ridiculous lens that unfortunately can’t be duplicated on any other setup. Unfortunately, because Contax went out of business long ago. So, it’s only a matter of time before these cameras give up the ghost and we have to find a way of strapping that lens on another body. It really is the nicest lens that I’ve ever worked with. The RZ, on the other hand, is just an amazing camera in general. It’s 6×7 and takes almost as nice of photos as large format.

I realize that film is becoming antiquated, but the feeling that you get in the photos when you shoot film still can’t be duplicated in digital. They have gotten way better than even 5 years ago, but when it comes to personal work, I still prefer film 🙂

you might be able to tell that i don’t like being on the other side of the camera very much 🙂 also, joe insisted that i take off my hat since every photo that he had of me was with a hat on. unfortunately, this is the only photo that i have of me and it’s with a look that i call “homeless” 🙂

Arches National Park – Night Shot

This was a collaboration between Philip and me. I didn’t take a digital camera on the trip to Utah, so I had to bum the camera off Philip for this one 🙂 Thanks Philip! The moon was almost full and casting a ton of light, so any longer than 1/2 hour exposure the rocks looks too bright. This was my favorite of the evening.

Trip to the Desert in Instant

Last week I took a trip out to the desert with two of my best friends, Joe Connolly and Philip Casey. All three of us used to work together when we lived in Anchorage, Alaska. Joe has stayed and made Alaska his home and Philip and I moved back to the ‘Lower 48″ a couple of years ago. Each year we try to get together at least once. Since all of us are complete photo nerds and love the outdoors as well we try to do a trip together that will fulfill both of those loves. This trip didn’t disappoint. We all flew into and met in Vegas. We rented a super cool minivan 🙂 and headed out to the desert for a week. Along the way we visited Zion, Bryce Canyon, Capitol Reef (best spot of the trip!), Moab, Canyonlands, Arches and a lot of the Nevada Desert and Southern Utah Desert.

I took three cameras: Mamiya RZ ProII, Contax 645 and the Zeiss Ikon. I made sure to take the Polaroid back for the RZ and snapped we snapped a few tourist photos each day (well, we tried to each day, but it was most days). The rest of my photos should be done in a week and I’ll get them up. I’ll also post a link to the photos that Joe and Philip put up on their blogs. Joe is maybe the slowest/worst blogger on the planet 🙂 If he ever gets them up I’ll make a link.

Phoenix for a Day

This weekend I went out to Phoenix with my dad and brother-in-law to watch our beloved Detroit Lions get destroyed by the Arizona Cardinals. Luckily we had a day to drive around in the desert and enjoy some of the scenery. What a cool place! That was my first time to the south-west and I can’t wait to go back in March!

Hanging Out in Germany – Buildings

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